Israel - Serbia Match (2008-2009)


During the Rhodes congress (2007), Israeli and Serbian composers decided on a friendly composition match. It was decided to have two sections, one for 2# and the other for H3#. The two countries were most fortunate to have the agreement of Harry Fougiaxis to act as the director of the match and of John Rice and Mario Parrinello to act as judges for the 2# and H3# sections, respectively.

The details and themes were finalized by April 2008 and the match officially started on May 2008 (see original announcement).



Section A - Mate in Two Moves - Judge: John Rice

In the solution and at least one try, at least one thematic mate is created by a move appearing on the same square where the threat appeared. Battery mates are allowed. It is emphasized that the threat and the thematic mate must appear within the same phase.

Section B - Helpmate in Three Moves - Judge: Mario Parrinello

A H#3 of at least 2 phases is required. On the 1st move of each phase a white piece (not pawn) evacuates square X. On the 3rd move the black king occupies square X. The phases can be of any kind (set, multiple solutions, twins etc.) but zeroposition settings are not allowed.



Section - A: Israel - 43   Serbia - 35   Award

Section - B: Israel - 40   Serbia - 38   Award


Total:    Israel - 83   Serbia - 73


Successful composers and full results in table formats