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British Chess Problem Society Excerpts from The Problemist magazine, articles, favorite problems, links and more
Chess Composition in TORUN FANCY program (works with POPEYE) and articles
Chess Problem Discussion Board By Reb & Nora Orrell. Forum, tourneys and more
Commission for Chess Composition Official site of the permanent commission for chess composition of the FIDE
Compositions tourneys A comprehensive list of active composition tourneys
Die Schwalbe Famous German magazine
Harmonie German magazine
Chess Composition Microweb By Juraj Lörinc. Articles, photographs, tourneys, awards and many other things
Mat Plus - the best of chess problems One of the best chess problem magazines 1994-1999: originals, awards, articles.
Milan Velimirovic's Chess Problems Chess problems by one of the top composers
Noam D. Elkies Web pages Mathematician, musician and chess problem composer & solver
PDB Server Database of mainly helpmates. Online queries, statistics etc.
Probleemblad Online Dutch magazine & Dutch Chess Problem Society (NBvS)
Problem-Echo German magazine
Problemesis On-line French - English magazine. Original problems, awards, definitions and more
Problemschach German. By Udo Degener. Collections, awards, links…
Problemskak The Danish Chess Problem Society. Problems, tourneys, photos, links
Stanislav Vokal's Home Page Personal links, science, chess problem composition and solving and more
Stratagems American xhess problems magazine. The official publication of The Good Companions
Suomen tehtavaniekat

Finish. Homepage of the Finish chess problem society. Problems, tourneys, awards

The Gorfo Cess Problem Pages By Göran Forslund. Problems & links
Torsten Linß' problem chess pages Problems, links, awards, reviews, articles
Vaclav Kotesovec chess problems & programs Chess compositions, articles, programs and much more

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