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Text Box:  Gene Cloning and Amplification
 Design and construction of Expression Vectors
 Expression of genes in cultured cells and in-vivo
 mRNA and protein expression analysis
 Transgenic and Knockout mice


Text Box:   Molecular Biology
 Expert in many fields of molecular biology, including:











Text Box:   Drug Development 
    Broad knowledge in most areas of drug development:
Text Box:   Genomics 
    Expertise in many fields of genomics, including:




Text Box:  DNA microarray
 Functional profiling
 Disease-oriented gene discovery
 Identification of disease causing genes
 Molecular pathways








Text Box:  Target identification and validation 
 Antibody-based drugs
 Recombinant proteins
 Small chemical drugs
 Nucleic-acid based drugs (antisense, RNAi)
 Gene therapy











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